Monday, February 14, 2011

Mini Lightsabers for Valentine's Day and Thank You Cards

We made these mini lightsaber cards for some of Jude's family and friends.


Craft sticks
Paint (we used orange, black, green, silver, and red)
Sandpaper or Nail File
Paper or Index cards
Glue Stick
School glue or glue tape


Step 1 - Select straight craft sticks.

Step 2 - Sand the sides of the craft stick (Jude used large nail file).

Step 3 - Paint the entire stick a solid color and let the stick dry.

Step 4 - Paint about end of the stick silver (we painted about a 1/2 - 3/4 of a inch) and read a book while the paint is drying.

Step 5 - Paint black stripes on to of silver band and add red dot (we used a tip of a paint brush to make the dot)

Step 6 - Print or write out message and attach to card using glue stick.

Star Wars themed fonts can be found here:

Step 7 - Attach mini lightsaber (we used glue tape). Registered & Protected

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